Family Planning and Contraception

All doctors and nurses.

Includes chlamydia testing and sexual health advice for young adults.

Normal appointments. Please book with the nurse for routine pill checks.

Antenatal and Postnatal Care

Dr Lawn and Dr Churchill.

To monitor your health during and after pregnancy.

Shared care with a local hospital.

Midwife-run clinic Tuesday mornings (first appointment for pregnancy Wednesday mornings).

Cervical Smears

Detect early but curable stages of cervical cancer.

Advised for women aged 20 to 65, once every three years.

Performed by our nurses (doctors if necessary).

Well woman advice, including breast checks, given simultaneously.

Reminders automatically sent to you.

All patients advised of results. Please phone if you have not heard after 12 weeks.

Child Health

We perform child development checks and immunisations.

Doctor and nurse-run on Thursdays.

It is very important that your child attends for all these checks and immunisations. The local authority sends out reminders to all parents.

Your health visitor can be contacted at the community hospital on 757243.

Current Schedule

6 - 8 weeks Development checks (practice) 
2 months First diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, polio, HIB & pneumococcal 
3 months Second " " " " & Meningitis C
4 months Third " " " " " & Meningitis C & pneumococcal
8 - 9 months Development check (health visitors) 
12 months HIB & Meningitis C
13 months Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) & pneumococcal
21/2 years Development check (health visitors) 
41/2 - 5 years Diphtheria, tetanus, polio, MMR, pertussis boosters
41/2 - 5 years Pre-school check (school nurse)
12 - 13 years HPV (girls only) 
13 - 18 years Tetanus, polio, diphtheria boosters

This schedule may vary from time to time. Check with the Health Protection Agency (

Adult Immunisation And Travel Clinic

Please book with our nurses.

Tetanus and polio boosters.

Travel advice and immunisations can only be given in a health clinic with specifically trained nurses - reception can advise on which nurse. Please attend one to two months before your date of departure if possible.

Registered Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre. Fee charged.

Antimalarial prescriptions (private).

Flu vaccination is advised for patients over 65 and younger ones in 'at risk' groups. Please look out for notices in late September or ask at reception.

Health Promotion

Please book with our nurses.

General health check and advice, open to and recommended for all adults.

Diabetic Clinic

Doctor and nurse-run most Thursdays and some other days.

All diabetics are encouraged to attend.

Shared care with local hospital for more complex cases.

Please book at reception if you are diabetic and do not attend the clinic already.

Respiratory Clinic

Nurse-run on some days (varies).

Open to all asthmatics and chronic bronchitics. General advice, inhaler technique, spirometry, level of control, peak flow monitoring.

Cardiovascular Clinic

Open to all patients with a history of heart disease, strokes or peripheral vascular disease (poor circulation).

Nurse-run. Days vary.

Advice on lifestyle and medication to minimise risk factors.

We strongly recommend all heart and stroke patients to attend this clinic unless already under regular review.


Appointments through your doctor.

Sessions held here every 2 weeks on Thursday pm.

Advice on weight reduction, low fat diets, diabetic diets and other areas of dietary management.

Stop Smoking Clinic


Help and support to try and stop smoking.

Prescriptions issued where appropriate.

Help is also available from some chemists or Quitline on 0800 002200, and there is a wealth of information to be found on the NHS 111 website (

Minor Surgery

Minor Surgery performed by Dr Harle.

Freezing of some skin lesions i.e. warts -  Drs Stephenson, Lawn

Joint Injections performed by Dr Harle, Giles, Jones, Churchill.

Please discuss with one of these doctors.

Dates of sessions vary.

General Medical Information

We stock a wide range of leaflets on common medical conditions.

Please ask at reception or your doctor/nurse.

Other sources are the library or NHS 111 on 111.

The Internet is increasingly being used by patients. The NHS 111 website ( is a good starting point.

Please do try to ensure your source is reliable and trustworthy.


New Referral System For Mental Health Counselling Services

This is now a self referral service, patients no longer need to see a doctor first.  You can either obtain a referral form in the surgery's waiting rooms, or call the service.  Their number is 01625 508598, and they are available between 10.00am - 4.00pm.

Non-NHS Work

Fees are incurred for services not covered by the NHS. These include BUPA and PPP forms, driving medicals, driving licence forms, letters to third parties, holiday cancellation forms, sick notes for absences of less than seven days etc.

Please ask at reception for further details.

Mobile Phones

The practice uses text messages for a range of reminders such as for clinic appointments and flu vaccinations. If you have a mobile number please let reception know.

Local Chemists

Do remember that any local chemists are able to treat a range of minor conditions such as urine infections, conjunctivitis, colds and flu. They can also offer an ordering, collection and delivery service for your prescription.


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