Patient Participation Report 2015

Annex D: Standard Reporting Template

Cheshire, Warrington & Wirral Area Team

2014/15 Patient Participation Enhanced Service – Reporting Template

Practice Name:   Toft Road Surgery

Practice Code:    N81026

Signed on behalf of practice (type name):        Dr D S Hans       Date:

Signed on behalf of PPG (type name):          Mr P Heywood   Date:

1. Prerequisite of Enhanced Service – Maintain a Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Does the Practice have a PPG? YES

Method of engagement with PPG: Face to face, Email, Other (please specify)  Meetings and email

Number of members of PPG:   13 regular attendees at meetings  31 are on email circulation list

Detail the gender mix of practice population and PPG:










Detail of age mix of practice population and PPG:






















Detail the ethnic background of your practice population and PRG:



Mixed/ multiple ethnic groups




<p>Gypsy or Irish traveller

Other white

White &black Caribbean

White &black African

White &Asian

Other mixed


Asian/Asian British

Black/African/Caribbean/Black British











Other Black


Any other





Describe steps taken to ensure that the PPG is representative of the practice population in terms of gender, age and ethnic background and other members of the practice population:

We have a dedicated notice board in the surgery for the patient group which encourages new members from any background to participate.

Are there any specific characteristics of your practice population which means that other groups should be included in the PPG?  
e.g. a large student population, significant number of jobseekers, large numbers of nursing homes, or a LGBT community? YES

If you have answered yes, please outline measures taken to include those specific groups and whether those measures were successful:

The surgery looks after 2 nursing homes – regular meetings are held between the GPs responsible and the staff of the home to ensure continued improvements

There are posters up at the nursing homes to advertise PPG to staff, patients and relativesS

2. Review of patient feedback

Outline the sources of feedback that were reviewed during the year:

We continually review patient feedback thoughout the year.  Any concerns, complaints and other issues are raised at our weekly practice meeting.

We look at and act upon any friends and family concerns. 

We had our CQC inspection this year and acted upon suggestions raised by them and also the inspector’s card that were available for staff to complete

How frequently were these reviewed with the PRG?

Our PPG hold quarterly meetings here at the surgery and also attend meeting of the Knutsford PPG which includes the other 2 Knutsford practices.  Agenda items are always available to discuss and surgery issues. Minutes taken and recorded

3. Action plan priority areas and implementation

Priority area 1

Description of priority area: Patients with diabetes

Our most recent survey showed that a number of patients that completed the form had diabetes and would be interested in attending a health event on this topic.

What actions were taken to address the priority?

The patient group organised and hosted a health event which was held on a Saturday morning in May 2014, in conjunction with the other 2 Knutsford Practices

Result of actions and impact on patients and carers (including how publicised):

The event was publicised around Knutsford and a dedicated notice board within the practice waiting room.

The event was attended by over 100 people and all agreed it had been very successful and worthwhile.


Priority area 2

Description of priority area: Difficulty getting through to the practice by telephone

What actions were taken to address the priority?

An extra telephone line has been installed.  The surgery has taken on 2 very competent apprentices, enabling more staff to answer the phones at peak times

We are in the process of purchasing new software for the telephone system, enabling calls to be answered by the appropriate member of staff more efficiently.

Patient access is continually being promoted enabling patients to book their appointments via the internet

This year we introduced electronic prescribing the surgery. Although initially this led to an increase in calls from local pharmacis

Result of actions and impact on patients and carers (including how publicised):

We feel that calls are now being answered faster and fewer patients are complaining that they have difficulty getting through.  We acknowledge that there is still room for improvement and hope that the new software that will be installed soon will facilitate this.




Priority area 3

Description of priority area: Named GP for over 75’s

This was an item from the last patient survey, with many people agreeing that a named GP for over 75s was a good idea

What actions were taken to address the priority?

All the over 75s have been written to informing them of their named GP

Result of actions and impact on patients and carers (including how publicised):

A weekly search is done to ensure that anyone turning 75, or is new to the practice and over 75, is informed of their named GP

Progress on previous years

If you have participated in this scheme for more than one year, outline progress made on issues raised in the previous year(s):

4. PPG Sign Off

Report signed off by PPG: YES/NO

Date of sign off:

How has the practice engaged with the PPG:

How has the practice made efforts to engage with seldom heard groups in the practice population?

The practice held a very successful diabetes event in May 2014 and in the process of planning a similar event for anyone affected by dementia.

Has the practice received patient and Carer feedback from a variety of sources?

We are a pilot site for the friends and family using text messages with Mjog.  We have friends and family cards and collection boxes in each of our waiting rooms.

Before our recent CQC visit – cards were available for patients to complete with comments for the inspectors to view

Was the PPG involved in the agreement of priority areas and the resulting action plan?

The PPG was involved in all of the decisions surrounding which areas we would be concentrating on

How has the service offered to patients and carers improved as a result of the implementation of the action plan?

We feel that patients can now contacted us by phone with less frustration as they are not engaged as often.

All the over 75s have a named GP, although as before, they are welcome to speak with any of our GPs

Do you have any other comments about the PPG or practice in relation to this area of work?

We are lucky to have a hard working PPG that hold regular meetings at the practice, which are also always attended by

Dr David S Hans  GP Principal and Sue Hulme Assistant Practice Manager

They put a lot of time and effort into organising the diabetic event and are about to do the same to arrange an event on dementia.

Members also help out at our annual flu clinics, serving refreshments and also promoting the group.


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