Patient Survey Reports 2012-13

This report summarises the development and outcomes of Toft Road Surgery Patient Reference Group (PRG) in 2012/13.

It contains:

1. Profile of the PRG:

On average we have 10 attendees at the patient group meetings and the minutes are circulated to 30 patients via email.

2. Priorities for the survey and how they were agreed with the PRG:

3. Method and results of patient survey:

We gave out patient questionnaires in the surgery over a 3 week period. We left questionnaires in waiting rooms, consulting rooms and at reception. The survey was also on the Toft Road Surgery website and we received several responses this way. Altogether we received 186 completed questionnaires and these were input via the website. The web team collated the results into the following format.

4. How the survey findings were discussed and changes agreed with the PRG:

(Include areas that the practice was not able to act upon).

The following is copied from the minutes of practice meeting held on 6.3.13

Patient Survey

Discussed at the meeting.

More discussion and thoughts to be given to advertising our opening hours, scripts to chemists & EMIS Access. To be brought up at the next reception meeting.

PMB volunteered to do some posters.

Scripts – it was decided that after the reception meeting that our new policy would be
to try and send all scripts to a chemist, discussion needed on how to achieve this.

Leaflets from all chemists to be available for patients.

Survey results to go on website. Copy on “n” drive under PPG.

Action plan agreed with the PRG:

You said…

We did…

The result is…

The message on the arrivals screen said no wait time when in fact there was. We contacted the provider who tell us there is a problem they are aware which they will fix. In the meantime they have taken the message off. Patients are not being given unreliable information.
63% of patients surveyed knew that appointments could be booked on line but only 12% of patients surveyed were doing this. We are encouraging patients to book their appointments on line by advertising the service more. This will result in fewer phone calls allowing reception to answer calls quicker.
Many patients have difficulty getting through to the practice on the telephone. We are going to send all prescriptions to the patients chosen chemist. Many patients phone to see if their prescriptions are ready and then come to collect them. The new system should result in fewer patients coming into reception and less reception time spent looking to see if prescription is ready, resulting in more time to answer the telephone.
The receptionists always look too busy. We are looking into electronic prescribing.
This will result in prescriptions going directly to the chemist so there will be less time spent filing prescriptions.

6. Confirmation of opening times:

Toft Road Surgery is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6.30pm
There are early morning surgeries on some Mondays and Thursdays these are 7.30am to 8am
There are late evening appointments on some Mondays and Wednesdays these are 6.30pm to 7.30pm



This report summarises development and outcomes of Toft Road Surgery’s patient reference group (PRG) in 2011/12.

It contains:

1. Profile of practice population and PRG
2. Process used to recruit to our PRG
3. Priorities for the survey and how they were agreed
4. Method and results of patient survey
5. Resulting action plan and how it was agreed
6. Progress made with the action plan
7. Confirmation of our opening times.

1 Profile of practice population and PRG

Practice population summary

PRG profile

Practice Population Ages (.xls)

Ethnicity Table (.xls)

Patient Group Diversity (.doc)

Regularly visit the practice

2 Process used to recruit to our PRG

To recruit to our PRG we:

  • Put up posters in practice (Poster .doc)
  • Offered leaflets to all patients attending practice (attached)
  • Emailed patients (Invite .doc)
  • Placed message on ticker tape board in waiting rooms inviting patients to join

3 Priorities for the survey and how they were agreed

To determine the priorities for the survey we:

  • Asked patients attending practice
  • Emailed patients/PRG
  • Held a meeting with the PRG on 26.1.2012 – minutes (.doc)

4 Method and results of patient survey

Once we had established the priorities we developed the questions using:

+ bespoke word document

We carried out the survey using:

GPAQ + bespoke word document
The survey was added to the practice website for patients to complete
It was emailed to all the PPG members
It was handed to patients in surgery and by reception
Surveys were on the patient group notice board and left in waiting rooms for patients to complete
We carried out the survey between 9.1.2012 and 24.2.2012

Survey results

Survey Results (.pdf)

Analysis (.pdf)

5 Resulting action plan and how it was agreed

To develop the action plan, the practice discussed it on 24.2.2012
To get comments from the PRG on the draft action plan we:

  • Met with PPG on 2.3.2012

We agreed the action plan with the group on 2.3.2012

Download the action plan (.doc) The main actions were:

  • Promote making appointments on the internet. This will free up reception time and make it easier to get through to the practice on the telephone
  • Introduce a third telephone line at busy times
  • Decorate the waiting rooms and replace broken blind. This will improve the patient experience at the practice

Areas where we could not achieve what the PRG wanted were:

  • Publicity in local press. Group could not agree on format which would be appropriate. Will be discussed again at further meetings.
  • Ethnicity – did not receive completed surveys’ from different ethnic backgrounds. This was discussed at the meeting and suggested that this was reflective of the patient population in the area. Discussions to be had about involving different groups in future PPG and questionnaires.

6 Progress made with the action plan

A summary of the progress as of 31 March 2012 is:

You said…

We did…

The result is…

Only 9% of patients booked their appointment over the internet We are going to actively promote emis access more, it is mentioned on the ticker tape, on prescriptions and the information is being handed out more at reception.  
Obtain patient’s mobile numbers and e-mail addresses This is mentioned on the ticker tape and we are actively taking numbers from the triage surgeries and adding to patient records  
Posters in waiting room to be reorganised and date set when posters should be removed This is to become a duty when the surgery is closed on a half day training session  

7 Confirmation of our opening times

As a result of the survey we have not changed out opening times. They are:

You can call the surgery on 01565 632681 between 8am and 6.30pm
The surgery reception is open 8am to 6.30pm
Surgery times are 8.30am to 11am 2pm to 4.30pm and 4pm to 6.30pm
We have early morning surgeries on most Mondays and Thursdays between 7.30am and 8am and late evening surgeries on Mondays and Wednesdays between 6.30pm and 7.30pm

Outside of these times please call 01625 502999


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